Pretty by name, pretty by nature.

It is my pleasure to finally introduce to you, my little treasure, created here in Oxfordshire for all of you far and wide! I have spent many years drawing and painting for friends and family, for birthdays and Christmases, when it dawned on me; "Why am I not sharing my passion with the rest of the world?" With a diploma level education in Fine Art, a first class degree in Design and a career in bespoke artwork design, I believe my experiences perfectly unite in the making of each and every one of my products. Through a variety of luxurious paper and excellent quality materials, you can ensure to receive a product that has been cared for since day one.  

With my unique and lovingly made products, a friendly customer service and carefully packaged orders, you can expect the full treatment with the Jolie Carte service!

So all that's left now is to thank you for supporting this small business and wish you happy browsing, happy shopping and a happy new year!

{  Jo }